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Qumra is designed to provide creative and professional support to Directors and Producers attached to up to twenty-five features, seven series and ten shorts in development or post-production in Fiction and Documentary. They will include a number of emerging filmmakers from Qatar, as well as Regional and International recipients from the Institute’s Funding Programmes.

Qumra 2020 Cancellation

The event is organised in six main sections:

The Qumra Master Classes are daily sessions, led by one of the Qumra Masters each day.

The Qumra Talks brings together leaders from technology, media, film, television and arts to weigh in on diverse topics impacting the creative industries. These talks are geared towards technological innovation, industry trends and expanding different forms of storytelling across all platforms.

The Qumra Meetings are a series of one-on-one meetings, roundtables, panels, workshops and tailored mentoring sessions between representatives from the selected projects and seasoned industry experts.

The Qumra Screenings of feature projects funded by the Institute through its grants and co-financing initiatives, as well as a series of films chosen by the Qumra Masters accompanied by Q&A sessions.

Qumra Shorts, an intensive workshop during which 10 Qatar-based filmmakers will present their short film projects, currently in development and post production, to a group of international shorts experts.

Qumra Series, a new addition to the programme where seven teams will present their series projects currently in development, to a group of international industry professionals and experts in the serialized format, through individual and group advisory sessions.

Twenty-five feature-length, 7 series and 10 short film projects with an emphasis on first- and second-time filmmakers, including independent filmmakers from Qatar and recipients of funding from the Institute, have been selected to participate in Qumra. The industry programme will connect the filmmakers with industry mentors for tailored consultations and workshops, as well as master classes with acclaimed Qumra Masters.

Selected participants will have the opportunity to participate in the following events:

Master Classes are led by acclaimed filmmakers.


Preparatory Meetings
Briefing meetings for project delegates with moderators and mentors to prepare for their screening and feedback sessions, and consultations with Qumra experts.

Script Consultations
Intensive individual consultations with expert script advisors for grantees with projects in the early stages of development.

Rough Cut Consultations
Intensive sessions with industry experts offering individual consultation to grantees with projects in post-production, providing bespoke advice regarding structure and editing.

Meet the Masters
Participants with projects engage in individual consultation sessions with one of the Qumra Masters.

One-on-One and Group Tutorials
Individual and group advisory sessions tailored to the needs of the project at hand. Industry experts cover a broad range of subjects, from financing strategies and legal considerations for co-productions, to festival strategies and sales.

Film Case Studies
Filmmakers share their experiences working on a film they directed or produced, covering subjects like development, financing, festival and distribution strategies, sales, and the successes and challenges faced during production.

Group Work Sessions
Participants share their projects and discuss the challenges they are facing. They also have the opportunity to work in groups and develop film packaging and pitch training with the project coach.

Match Made Meetings
Pre-arranged one-on-one meetings in which participants present their projects to industry experts and discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Working Breakfasts (Breakfast Talks)
Moderated working sessions for participants and industry executives in an informal atmosphere. Producers, representatives of labs and festivals, sales agents, distributors, and financiers share their expertise and discuss current industry trends.

Working Breakfasts (Feedback Sessions)
Pre-arranged moderated group meetings in which participants present their projects for feedback from sales agents, distributors, and financiers.


Work-in-Progress Screenings and Feedback
Closed screenings of 20-minute excerpts from six feature-length Qumra works-in-progress (Narrative and Documentary). A panel of three industry experts provides immediate, individual feedback.

Picture Lock Screenings
Exclusive preview presentations of six feature-length Qumra projects (Narrative and Documentary) in the final stages of post-production. Twenty-minute excerpts of projects are screened for select festival programmers, sales agents, and distributors.

Industry Screenings
Exclusive preview screenings of 20-minute excerpts from the 12 narrative and documentary Qumra projects that are completed or works-inprogress, for select sales agents, distributors, broadcasters, and postproduction fund and VoD platform representatives.

Modern Masters Screenings
The Qumra Screenings include the Modern Masters series – a showcase of films presented by Qumra Masters.

New Voices in Cinema Screenings
The Qumra Screenings also features New Voices in Cinema, a selection of critically acclaimed feature-length and short films funded by the Doha Film Institute.

An intensive workshop where ten filmmakers present their short film projects, currently in development or post-production, to a group of international industry professionals, including script consultants, filmmaker mentors, editor mentors, producers, lab representatives, and programmers— experts in the short form. The programme seeks to continue the Doha Film Institute’s support for filmmaking talent in Qatar.

Doha Film Institute has started nurturing a space for series projects from the MENA region through its labs and financial support mechanisms over the past two years. This year we are taking it a step further and making web and TV series an integral part of Qumra. Seven teams will present their DFI supported series projects to a group of international industry professionals through individual and group advisory and pitching sessions. They will have the opportunity to meet with writers, producers, creators, showrunners, labs and markets representatives, funders, broadcasters and VoD platforms with an aim of enhancing their projects and getting them a step closer to completion.