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Ajyal Film Festival 2022

Calling all Ajyal Jurors!

Ajyal Film Festival returns this October, and we are now looking for the people who are always the stars of our festival—our Ajyal Jurors!

Since its inception, Ajyal has brought young people from around the world together in the spirit of cultural exchange and creative interaction. The jury programme scheduled from 1 – 8 October, as always, will provide curated workshops, daily film screenings, jury discussions, and opportunities to interact with global film talent to inspire participants through meaningful creative interactions and cinematic dialogue.

The festival presents our jurors aged 8-25 with the exciting opportunity to decide Ajyal’s competition winners. The directors of the winning films are granted funding toward their next film, so jurors are empowered to support and promote future content that is relevant and meaningful to them. This year’s event will be held through a selection of engaging in-person events and online activations.

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The Ajyal Jury Experience – Inspiring the Next Generation

As a member of the Ajyal Jury, you watch films, discuss with fellow jurors and film experts, vote for the winners of the Ajyal Film Festival, and use your energy to bring about positive change far beyond Ajyal.

The experience of being an Ajyal Juror is unparalleled: an inspiring and creative hands-on experience that instills not only an appreciation of film, but also the values of teamwork, critical thinking and leadership.

Over 8 days of the festival, discover global cultures through the powerful medium of film, while making new friends from across the world.

Last year, Ajyal welcomed 500 jurors of over 40 nationalities—you can be one of them this year!

Join the Ajyal Film Festival Jury from 1 – 8 October 2022.

As an Ajyal Juror, you will get to:

1- Watch short and feature-length films from all over the world in our theatres or online.
2- Vote for your favourite films and choose the Ajyal Competition winners.
3- Meet internationally renowned and thought-provoking guests.
4- Attend online workshops and masterclasses on filmmaking techniques and film language.

Jury Categories

There are three Ajyal Competition juries in three age groups. They are:

Mohaq means ‘New Moon’ in Arabic, and these are Ajyal’s youngest jurors, aged 8 to 12. The young people of this jury will watch a programme of short films and four feature-length films.

Ajyal’s jurors aged 13 to 17 make up the Hilal jury – the term means ‘Crescent Moon’ in Arabic. Four feature films and a programme of shorts make up the Hilal jury’s festival programme.

The most mature of Ajyal’s juries, Bader (Arabic for ‘Full Moon’) jurors are aged 18 to 25 and will select their favourite films from four features and a programme of short films.

Join our priority list now to be the first to know when registration opens and ensure you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

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