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Ajyal Film Festival 2019

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SONY Cinema Under the Stars. Short Film Programme

Runtime: 104 min

This programme features highlights of films presented in previous Made in Qatar competitions.


  • Thu, Nov 21, 07:00 PM, MIA Park, SONY Cinema Under the Stars (MIA-SC)

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    Thu Jan 01, 04:00 AM (GMT+3)
  • Al-Johara

    Special Screening

    Made a servant in her own home by her evil stepfamily, Al-Johara receives a wedding invitation from an old chi…

    Nora Al-Subai / Qatar / 2016 / Unknown

  • Al Muqana3

    Special Screening

    Ahmed Al-Jaber is a Doha-based, self-confessed artist. The retired policeman's "art" is his collection of intr…

    Tarek Abu-Esber / Qatar / 2012 / Short Documentary

  • Where Are You Right Meow?

    Special Screening

    A young artist, Ayako, struggles with creative block. Suddenly, her beloved cat Beru goes missing, and she goe…

    Maysam Al-Ani / Qatar / 2018 / Unknown

  • The Palm Tree

    Special Screening

    In a sterile lab, sprouts are methodically planted, their growth observed and tracked.

    Jassim Al-Romaihi / Qatar / 2015 / Unknown

  • Smicha

    Special Screening

    Seven-year-old Lulwa dotes on her elderly grandfather, whom she spends time with every Friday.

    Amal Al Muftah / Qatar / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • The Fishermen

    Special Screening

    In the light-filled and tower-drilled crowded city of Doha, three fishermen escape to the sea.

    Obada Yousef Jarbi / Qatar / 2017 / Unknown

  • Makh'bz

    Special Screening

    The repetitive actions of men and machines become a dance of grace and beauty in ‘Makh’bz’ as Aisha Al Muhanna…

    Aisha Al Muhannadi / Qatar / 2015 / Short Documentary

  • Kashta

    Special Screening

    Out in the beautiful quiet of the desert, a man teaches his young sons how to track and hunt.

    A.J. Al Thani / Qatar / 2016 / Unknown

  • Voices from the Urbanscape

    Special Screening

    Visions of construction in contemporary Doha neatly express its nearly manic pace of growth, while various voi…

    Mariam Salim, Shaima Al Tamimi / Qatar / 2017 / Short Documentary

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