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Yearning (Tawq)

Arab Feature Competition

Lina Alabed / Feature Documentary / Syria, Lebanon, Qatar / 2011 / 50 min / Colour / HDCAM
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Women, Social Issues, Intimate Doc
World Premiere
Rated: Mature subject matter. Not suitable for minors. Individuals under the age of 18 are not admitted into cinemas.


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  • Sat, Oct 29, 04:00 PM, ()
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    Ladies Only


“Yearning” is a documentary about the role and margin of freedom women have in a male-dominated society, and how that reflects on their femininity and relationship with themselves. Bringing together Damascene women from differing social and religious backgrounds, each woman shares secrets and recalls incidents connected to her awakening consciousness and the limitation of her existence and desires.

About the Directors

Palestinian filmmaker and Damascus University journalism graduate, Lina Alabed specialises in investigative documentaries focusing on conditions for women in the Middle East. In 2009, she worked with several Danish directors on a documentary about Palestinian refugees between Europe and the Middle East. Her second documentary, “Noor Alhuda” won the DOX BOX jury award for Best Syrian Film in 2010.


Lina Alabed
Lina Alabed
Lina Alabed
Rami Nihawi
Wael Alkak
Joud Gorani
Sak A Do Production
Asmaa Kiftaro, Lina Chachati

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