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High End Stunts Made Easy at the Doha Film Institute

Mar 17, 2011 — Education

Professional Training Workshop for Students and Filmmakers

Doha, Qatar, March 13, 2011- The Doha Film Institute is hosting a week long training workshop for students and filmmakers to learn the craft involved in directing and performing high end stunts. Conducted by professional stuntman Zed Korshoonoff, the core of the workshop will focus on film combat and is the first opportunity for students in Qatar to get behind-the-scene training on some dare devil stunts.

Scheduled from April 3 to 7, the training workshop will take place at the Gymnasium at Gymnastics Federation Doha and will feature a group of 15 students between the ages 18 and 30.

The program includes introductory sessions on the evolution and range of stunts, safety and teamwork, basic acrobatics, film combat using camera angles, wire work stunts and high falls, fight scenes using strung wires, street fighting and film combat using weapons. The program is designed to enable students to prepare for filming a short stunt clip through theory and practical rehearsals. All trainings are conducted in a safe environment in keeping with health and safety regulations. Interested candidates need a health certificate confirming their well-being.

Scandar Copti, Head of DFI Education, commented, “As the motion picture industry grew, so did the importance of stunts. Hollywood embraced stunts since the early years of motion pictures with Frank Hanaway, believed to be the first stunt performer, who began his career in the 1903 film The Great Train Robbery. We hope students and filmmakers from the region can benefit from the workshop that will provide basic know-how to set up stunts that are both safe to perform and believable to audiences.”

Stunt co-ordinator and performer Zed Korshoonoff has over 20 years of experience working in the stunt industry. Zed has worked on more than 80 productions including “Matrix”, “Ghost Ship”, “Farscape”, “Kangaroo Jack” and “Anna Karenina” amongst others. He has worked within the stunt industries of Russia, Australia, Turkey, India and Europe and specializes in film combat, stunt driving, high falls and fire burns. Zed is currently establishing a stunt agency with world class stunt professionals in Qatar to service the emerging film industry in the region.

Candidates can apply online on Submissions towards the program close on March 24 2011.

About Doha Film Institute:
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