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The Thief of Baghdad


Release year: 2020 (106min)

Directors: Ahmed Khaled

Cast: Muhammad Emam, Fathi Abdulwahhab, Yasmin Raeis

Country: Egypt

Language: Arabic

Rated: General Audience.

Synopsis: Deceived and deposed by his sinister adviser, Jaffar (Conrad Veidt), Ahmad (John Justin), the King of Bagdad, must find a way to reclaim his throne. Enlisting the
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unlikely assistance of a thief named Abu (Sabu), Ahmad soon meets a beautiful princess (June Duprez) and embarks on a series of adventures involving a genie (Rex Ingram), a flying carpet, and other fantastical elements. Eventually, Ahmad and Abu must face off against Jaffar, who will stop at nothing to hold on to power.
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