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Master Class: A Brief History of German Cinema

Start date:
Feb 03, 2017 17:30 PM
Ability Level:
All levels

Dr. Claus Löser

Eight films will be shown during this German Film Week. They were made between 1926 and 2015 – a period of nearly nine decades. During that time, three political systems rose and fell, the globe saw its Second World War and the Cold War took place between East and West. Cinema is always a testimony of its time; it mixes up social and individual events, and is a symbiosis of technology, philosophy and aesthetics.

This master class sees itself as a expanded comment on the films in this series. It goes back to the very beginning of film history in Germany and will build a bridge to the present. Where are the similarities and the differences? How did German cinema become what it is? Is there a special “German touch”? And what will the future bring? With the help of clips from classic films, we will go on a trip through history, and will identify and analyse a variety of cinematographic phenomena. An important part of the master class will be the exchange of impressions and ideas, because film means communication. Let’s try it!